BBQ Grill Gas X2 Stainless

Our most advanced barbecue constructed entirely of brushed stainless steel.
The Röshults BBQ Grill is the cornerstone of the designer outdoor kitchen. Designed by the award-winning duo Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle, where no detail has been left to chance. The grill is equipped with thick stainless steel grates which store heat and give the characteristic grilling stripes without cooling down.

Each section is equipped with two Dual Burners, giving a total of four burners per section, combining for an output of 8kW/h. The double layers of Protection Bars deliver an even heat distribution.  Two variable heat controls for each section give maximum control for excellent grilling results . The fat and oils that drip through the grill are collected in a removable bottom tray that can be filled with sand and easily cleaned and disposed of after use.

All of our gas grills come with a slip cover to hide the gas canister in a tidy way. There are many accessories that complement the design to best suit your requirements for a perfect barbecueing experience. Röshults BBQ Grills are praised by star chefs around the world thanks to their large grilling surfaces and easily variable heating zones. Complete with a Side Table, Garden Trolley and Sink to enhance your outdoor kitchen.


Designer: Broberg & Ridderstråle

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L 937 D 50 H 950 mm. Vikt: 100 kg
L 36,9 D 19,7 H 37,4 in. Weight: 220,5 lb

Stainless steel

Brushed stainless steel

Comes with a 2-year warranty

2 Stainless cooking grates
4 stainless dual burner, 16kW/h
14 stainless 2 mm protection bars
Stainless Cooking area: 86 x 43 cm
Adjustable feet
Storage area
Made in Sweden
Weight: 81 kg

Stainless steel – The steel we use is a stainless quality steel and is of type 304  and requires minimal maintenance. But it is not completely maintenance free. On surfaces with stainless steel we strongly recommended to wipe off with warm water and PH adjusted soap. If stains appears, you can use a standard rust removal and polishing for stainless steel. Never use brushes or sponges with metal. These can press elements of metal into the material, which means that it can start to rust.

  • Wook holder
  • Frytop
  • Wind shield for BBQ 200
  • Wheels 4p
  • Premium Cover