A World´s first.

Today we launch the Röshults Booster BBQ Grill. It is a charcoal grill where the glow bed is agitated by inaudible infrasound.
It combines innovative technology with our characteristic design language of sophistication and elegance.
Röshults is taking barbecuing to a whole new level.

Benefits compared to other charcoal grills:
Instead of 20-30 minutes the grill is heated up within 5-7 minutes
You can regulate the intensity of the glow bed and grilling temperature between 150°c to 350°c
It takes away flames from the glow bed when fat drips onto the charcoal
Complete cumbustion makes minimum of smoke
Consumption of charcoal is about one third of a normal charcoal grill

Read more about the Booster Grill at

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